Divorce Therapy Group

There are times when marriages do not succeed. Even though ending a marriage can be a relief for some, separation and divorce can still be quite stressful. It does not matter whether one has chosen to leave or disagreed with this decision. Both partners are likely to experience intense and conflicting emotions and unexpected feelings. These may be painful or confusing, and could include grief, depression, anxiety, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, or shame. When one has been in a relationship with an individual who exhibits extreme behaviors, or is unstable or threatening, recovery becomes even more difficult.

In addition, when children are involved, the grief process is hampered as practical and logistical issues take precedence. Conflicts and disagreements related to custody and care-giving compound the pain already being experienced and significantly lengthen the time it takes to recover.

People sometimes need a therapeutic setting to work through these confusing and complicated thoughts and emotions. Sharing these concerns in a safe environment with a trained therapist and others with unique but similar stories can bring a sense of hope and validation, along with practical tools and skills for circumnavigating the complicated legal system.

The Divorce Therapy Group meets weekly and welcomes drop-ins. The fee is $20.00 per session. All information shared is confidential and will not be discussed outside of the group. Referrals are made to resources in the community, in print and on-line. The group meets Thursdays at 4:00. RSVPs are required as the group is subject to change or cancellation. Contact Us to RSVP.

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