Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Sometimes I think that my bravest clients are those who are considering changing something fundamental about themselves. My first thought was of my transgender clients. The challenges they face are practically unimaginable to people who have not experienced such thought, which adds to their sense of isolation. Even with support and validation it is a frightening and life-changing journey. One only hopes that the benefits are realized early on in the process and that one is open to the joy of self-realization.

However, as I continue to follow this line of thinking, I realize many of my clients that are facing major changes in their lives share the same courage. Those who are leaving a long-term relationship, losing or changing jobs, or simply facing a characteristic in themselves they don’t like are preparing for a long and hard journey. We may have more in common with one another than we think, at first glance. I feel pride in all of my clients’ efforts and hope I tell them often enough.

One Response to “Bravery”

  1. to me bravery starts with facing the truth. being willing to confront a situation , circumstance or desire or a confront these things even if you are look at something through several points of view before making a decision. bravery is not the abscence of fear but the willingness and courage to look at something in a way that challenges

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