Listening: The Best Form of Therapy

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Are you proud of your ability to multi-task? Can you listen to the radio, wash the dishes and talk to a friend at the same time? Perhaps you can…but when you are done with the washing, program and conversation, do you ever feel somewhat dissatisfied? Truly listening is a gift that you give not only to the speaker or task, but also to yourself. Giving 100% of our attention forces us to do several things – to give up whatever else we could be doing during that time, to hold our own opinions and even thoughts for a period of time (perhaps forever) and to acknowledge and affirm whatever is being said or done.

Truly attending to someone involves a form of self-control that is not comfortable for most of us. It requires withholding our own comments, opinions and reactions to what is being said, other than to assure the speaker that we heard it correctly. Responses such as, “I think you are┬ásaying”, “I see” or “Is there anything else that made you think of” not only assure the speaker you are completely attentive, but also give her the opportunity to examine her own words and thoughts to go deeper and discover new things she may not have considered before.

This is a technique that requires a great deal of practice, but which ultimately is greatly satisfying to both parties involved. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

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  1. this is what you do best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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