When Is The Time For Hope?

Sunday, July 12th, 2015

We have all had dark moments, periods in our lives when we question our reason to go on, even to live. Some of us suffer through longer and more frequent periods than others. The longer these periods continue, the harder it is to feel they could ever end. So when is the right time to feel hopeful? Now and always. Regardless of the hopelessness of one’s situation, one must strive to feel even the smallest glimmer of anticipation that things will eventually get better, or even that they won’t get worse. Hope is what gives us a reason to live, to go on, to keep trying. If will often feel futile, naive or absurd, but it is far superior to the alternative – despair. Start by just saying the words, “this too shall pass”, or “things will get better”. Write them down, email them to someone you know, whisper them out loud. Eventually you will actually believe them, and they will.

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