Overcoming Powerlessness – Three Initial Steps

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

We have all felt powerless at one time or another. For some it is an occasional occurrence when a person or situation makes us feel out of control, such as a criticism by a supervisor or a traffic jam. Others find themselves facing this feeling on a daily, almost ongoing basis, especially if trapped in an unhappy marriage or a bad fit with one’s job.

The first steps include:

 – Education

We must educate ourselves regarding healthy relationships or attitudes toward our situations. What is an appropriate way for a supervisor to address you? Do we know the difference between behavior that is rude and that which is inappropriate or even illegal?

– Empowerment

Building our self-esteem is a critical step in regaining a sense of ability and control. Physical exercise, counseling, pursuing a hobby can all help us find renewed sources of strength and capacity within ourselves.

– Encouragement

You are NOT alone! Find others to travel this journey with, through a trusted friend, neighbor, or support group. Small successes build us up; start today to feel more in control.

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